Aquaman sprite

Aquaman in game sprite. By Nekhene

Aquaman was Arthur Curry, the son of Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper, and Atlanna, a water-breathing outcast from the lost, underwater city of Atlantis. Due to his heritage, Aquaman discovered as a youth that he possessed various superhuman abilities, including the powers of surviving underwater, communication with sea life, and tremendous swimming prowess. Eventually, Arthur decided to use his talents to become the defender of the Earth's oceans. Superboy #171, Jan 1971 revealed that he had, in his youth, adventured as "Aquaboy" and met Superboy (Earth's only other publicly active superpowered hero at the time) on one occasion. When Aquaman grew up, he called himself "Aquaman".




Free at level 30 (worth 22 JP)


HP: 3 Bars

Stamina: 2 Bars

Attack: 4 Bars

Defense: 1 Bar

Accuracy: 5 Bars

Evasion: 3 Bars


  • Passive 1: Superhuman Reflexes
    • Chance to counter-attacks with Trident toss
  • Passive 2: Call to the sea
    • When Aquaman is down to 25% health, the area will get flooded.
      • Flooded
        • Allows Aquaman to Summon water creatures.
        • No one can get burning.
  • Level 1 Action - "Trident Toss"
  • Targets: One enemy
    • Type: Throwing Ranged.
  • Level 2 Action - "Trident Combo"
  • Targets: One enemy
    • Type: Weapon Combo Melee
    • Stun
      • 40% Chance
      • Lose next turn
  • Level 6.1 Action - "Summon Shark "
  • Targets: One Enemy
    • Type: Summon Ranged
      • Bleeding
        • Taking Damage Every Turn
        • Taking Damage Every Action
      • Summon Attack
        • Does not trigger anything.
      • Water Creature
        • Requires Flooded on Aquaman.
  • Level 6.2 Action - "Summon Jellyfish"
  • Targets: All enemies
    • Type: Summon Ranged
      • Pain
        • Increases Damage taken By 8%
        • Stacks Up To 3 Times.
      • Poisoned
        • Loses Damage Every Turn
        • Attack Down 10%
      • Jellyfish
        • Weak attack power.
      • Summon Attack
        • Does Not Trigger Anything
      • Water Creature
        • Requires Flooded on Aquaman
  • Level 9 Action - "Tsunami"
  • Targets: All Enemies
    • Type: Ranged
      • Catastrophic
        • Can't be protected against
        • Ignores most Avoidence effects
        • Guaranteed to hit
      • Flooded

Team-Up Bonuses Edit

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