Classic Batman

Batman's in game sprite. By Nekhene.

By Ami7Mina.]]Bruce wayne watched his parents get killed by a criminal When he was young. After This traumatic experience, he went into training with a retired ninja. Now a millionane playboy at day, he pust on a mask at night. He becomes the Batman, equipped with high tech gadgets and incredible skills at martial arts.




75 JP


HP: 3 Bars

Stamina: 5 Bars

Attack: 4 Bars

Defense: 2 Bars

Accuracy: 4 Bars

Evasion: 3 Bars


  • Passive 1
  • Melee master
    • Takes Less damage from Melee attacks.
  • Level 1 Action
  • Batarang
    • One Enemy
      • bleeding
        • Taking Damage every turn
        • Taking Damage when doing an action
  • Level 2 Action
  • Lunge Kick
    • One enemy
      • stun
        • 60% chance
        • Lose next turn
      • Wound exploit
        • Harms extra on bleeding targets
  • Level 6 Action
  • Batbots
    • One Enemy
      • Targeted
        • All attacks Against This target are guaranteed to hit and crit.
      • Summon attack
        • Stealthy
          • Does not trigger anything
  • Level 9 Action
  • Arm Buff
    • Self
      • Using This will trigger an arm gadget
        • Blades
          • All attacks cause Bleeding
        • Tasers
          • All attacks cause Electrified
            • Loses health every turn
            • All Electrified targets gets harmed, not just the one who has the turn
        • Armor
          • Batman gains 50% extra Defense

Alternate UniformsEdit

The Dark Knight Batman

The Dark Knight Alternate Uniform. By Nekhene.

The Dark Knight alt:Additonal Passives

The Dark Knight Rises:

Batman has a 50% chance to counter all attacks against Batman.

Batman has a 50% chance to do a follow-up Batarang after every attack.

Cost: 50 JP