An acrobat for Haly's Circus, Richard Grayson survived the tragic accident that befell his family. Taken in by Batman, he was trained as Robin to avenge his family's murder, fighting crime alongside him as Robin. As he grew up, he took on the identity of Nightwing and became the Protector of Bludhaven. Now, Jack Haly has died, leaving the Haly Circus to Richard Grayson. Not all of the Circus appreciate that the boy who left them to be millionaire's ward was entrusted with the Circus over them...




46 JP

Passives Edit

  • Flying Grayson: Chance to dodge oncoming attack, gaining Upper Ground.
  • Upper Ground: Next Attack cannot be dodged and deals extra damage. 1 Round Duration.

Techniques Edit

Level One: Escrima Sticks: Single Target Melee. Applies Combo Setup.
Level Two: Birdie: Single Target Melee. Exploits Combos, applies Dizzy.
Level Six: Traps and Trapezes: All Target Buff Debuff. Subtle. Applies Trap to Enemies. Grants Nightwing Trapeze. 2 Round Cooldown.
  • Trapped: Damages when taking actions that can be countered. 2 Round Duration.
  • Trapeze: Increases Evasion, unlocks Full Twisting Triple Somersault. Also makes Nightwing an Infiltrator.
Level Nine: Full Twisting Triple Somersault: All Enemy Target Melee. Exploits Combos. Deadly Crits. High Crits. 50% Stun. Catastrophic.