Superman's in-game sprite.


  • Generalist


  • Free


  • Passive 1: Flying
    • Immune to ground attacks
  • Passive 2: Healing Factor (2 Turns)
    • Gradually restores Health during combat
  • Level 1 Action - "Heat Vision"
  • Targets One Enemy
    • Type: Ranged
    • Burning
      • Taking damage every turn
      • Defense reduced
      • Cancelled by Chilled
  • Level 2 Action - "Super Punch"
  • Targets One Enemy
    • Type: Unarmed Melee
    • Deadly Crits
      • Deals extra damage on critical hits
  • Level 6 Action- "Freeze Breath"
  • All Enemies
    • Type:Ranged Frost
    • Chilled
      • Taking Damage Every Turn
      • Attack reduced
      • Canceled by Burning
  • Level 9 Action - "Unleash Potential"
  • Targets Self
    • Type: Buff
    • 3 Rounds
    • Potential Unleashed (2 Rounds)
      • Increases all stats.
      • Takes 2 actions.
      • Restores Stamina when attacking.
      • Counter-attacks with Super Punch.
      • All Attacks gains True Strike and Stealthy.
      • Removes when Recharging.
      • Gains Healing Factor when Recharging.

Team-Up Bonuses Edit

  • Justice! : Heroes who are founding members of the Justice League of America

All Possible Team-UpsEdit

Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman and Wonder Woman Justice!

50 Point Team-UpsEdit

Hero Name Team-Up Bonus
Aquaman Justice!
Batman Justice!
The Flash Justice!
Green Lantern Justice!
Martian Manhunter Justice!
Wonder Woman Justice!

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