Right, I'll make this short and sweet. Regulus22, Chat Mod at MAA wiki, not to lend credibility, but I've been working on a similar idea the past few days.

Here I've been catalogueing the project. As you'll quickly see it's probably more of a what if, then your project.

Just wanted yous to know that anything I make there is welcome to be adopted by your universe. The Sprites will likely come 1-2 per week, and wont just be the Big Heroes, so might bolster your lower tier characters a little. I'm not the type to change my vision though, so while suggestion for certain things may result in me doing them, I'm not liable to change anything I've decided on conclusively.

May process some things here to give the blog a little room, though will ask first. You may check my other movesets collections for how I would do them if allowed/asked.

Spritewise, I'll be working on Lashina, Nightwing, Black Canary and Cheetah next by current plans. Unless I get other inclinations, those will be joining my Superman one. All will be by New 52 Style.